Resort Valachy consists of the Lanterna, Horal, Galik and Pod Javorem hotels, with two relaxation centres, Ski resort Razula and a wide range of other free-time activities. All that Resort Valachy can offer for your stay in the Beskid mountains can be found in the valley of Léskové in Velké Karlovice – the individual hotels and services are within 3.5 km from one another. What can you experience at Resort Valachy?

Be inspired by a wide range of events, which are held not only by Resort Valachy, take a popular trip to the lookout towers or to the surroundings of Velké Karlovice. You can get a free tourist map at the hotel reception.

Are you looking for relaxation, experience or sporting stays? A list of everything that is to offer by the Spa Hotel Lanterna, Wellness Hotel Horal, Galik and Pod Javorem can be found here.



What can you experience at Resort Valachy?

Velké Karlovice is a well-known paradise for cross-country skiers – the whole area is intersected with cross-country trails maintained by mechanized grooming and properly marked, of various lengths and difficulty levels, both in the valley and along the ridge of the Beskid mountains. Downhill skiers will have a field day here too – Resort Valachy offers the Ski Resort with the ski slope Razula as well as the family ski slope Horal. You can also go on a trip to the countryside or take a rest in the wellness centre or during a massage.


Relaxation in Wellness Horal

One of the biggest attractions of Resort Valachy is the Wellness Horal relaxation centre with its thermal pools and convenient facilities for more relaxation. Relish the sauna world with its saunas and sauna rituals, steam bath, tepidarium and outdoor and indoor whirlpool.

  • 3 thermal pools with salt water, heated up to 36°C, and a little pool for kids
  • the sauna world with its sauna rituals performed up to nine times a day, a sauna night on the first Saturday of each month
  • cardio fitness
  • Aqua fitness classes with Kristýna (summer)

Wellness Horal is popular among the hotel guests (free entry for the Spa Hotel Lanterna and Wellness Hotel Horal guests) as well as among tourists that come by for the day.

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Exotic massages and procedures

Give yourselves over to relaxation and rest your body and mind during exotic massages given by skilled massage therapists from Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Bali and India. Your massage experience is intensified when you take a rest and enjoy the view of the valley with a cup of tea. The price also includes a single entry to the wellness centre and the towel service.

  • Hammam
  • Thai massages, Bali massages
  • Ayurvedic massages, new: Java massages
  • Rasul body wraps

You can enjoy our exotic massages and other procedures in Wellness Horal, and selected massages are also offered by the Spa Hotel Lanterna.

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Relaxation in L-Spa

The L-Spa relaxation centre in hotel Lanterna offers more intimate areas in comparison to Wellness Horal, with a swimming pool, saunas, steam bath and relaxation terrace. It now also offers sauna rituals, performed up to four times a day.

  • Indoor pool with water features, whirlpool with salt water
  • Finnish sauna, steam bath, plunge bath, relaxation terrace overlooking the valley,
  • Cool-down outdoor terrace

L-Spa is intended for guests staying at the Spa Hotel Lanterna.

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Body care in the Beauty Parlour

The beauty parlours in Lanterna and Horal offer special beauty treatments and other procedures, using high-quality natural cosmetic products by Lakshmi, made in harmony with the principles of Ayurveda.

  • Beauty rituals for youthful as well as mature skin

Resort Valachy is the first and only hotel complex in the Czech Republic which uses the products of this exquisite brand with a 30-year tradition. The treatments and procedures are suitable both for ladies and gentlemen.

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Popular Frgál baking courses

Learn how to bake proper Wallachian Frgál pies under supervision of skilled Resort Valachy's pastry-cooks and bakers and jazz up your stay in Velké Karlovice with an unusual experience.

The course will teach you how to make Frgál (and you can take the one you make home with you), you will get a certificate confirming your admission to the Wallachian bakers’ guild and, what is most important, you will have a lot of fun and gain new experience.

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SUMMER 2021 HIT: The Beskids on an e-bike 

E-bike – it is a means of transport which opens the possibilities of trips to the countryside also to less able cyclists.

Our rental in Razula (in the summer hollidays, in Horal other days) offers 12 KTM e-bikes. 

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Gourmet restaurant Vyhlídka

Gourmet restaurant Vyhlídka – gourmet gastronomy is intended for all those who do not settle for “regular” meals. In our gourmet restaurant Vyhlídka in the Spa Hotel Lanterna, top-level gastronomy is combined with accomplished service and masterpieces made by our team. You will savour the meal practically with all your senses.

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NEW: Pizza baking courses (not only) for children

Make your family afternoon more pleasant in Bistro Razula with our new course: learn how to bake a delicious home-made pizza! The course is given by Josef Tydlačka, Hotel Lanterna’s chief cook who is also the brain behind the new gastronomic concept of the bistro. He is the person who makes the popular and delicious pizza for you at weekends.

The course will teach you how to make pizza – how to prepare the dough, how to work the dough and how to toss it, as well as how to make your own tomato base. In addition to gaining new experience and skills, you will also take your own pizza home with you and get a certificate confirming your admission to the bakers’ guild and have a lot of fun.

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Fun for families with children

Have a whale of time with your children in any weather - Resort Valachy offers a range of services and activities not only for kids.

>> What all we offer to families with children

Take off to the countryside with Nordic walking sticks

Discover the beauty of the nature reserve of the Beskids as well as one of the most sought-after sports activities of recent times – Nordic walking, which is suitable for people of any age thanks to its universality and positive influence to the locomotive system.

Guests staying at the Lanterna and Horal hotels can borrow the sticks free of charge (booking in advance is required)

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Yoga lesson in Resort Valachy

Wake up your body and mind in the beautiful landscape of the Beskid mountains under the open sky at hotel Horal.

Hatha or power yoga with Ziyad, an instructor from India, or with Kristýna, will take you through the individual asanas and full yogic breath, deepen your knowledge about yoga and kick start your day. Yoga is practised in the Wellness Hotel Horal – reservation in advance required.

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Interesting events at Resort Valachy: theatre, gastronomy and sport

  • A week full of culture in Wallachia - seven days full of cultural experience and theatre performances in the charming atmosphere of the big top under the Spa Hotel Lanterna
  • Gastro festival Karlovice - a feast (not only) for all those who love the Wallachian cuisine and regional products
  • Valachy Tour -  a unique set of exciting competitions for sportsmen of any age and fitness



For photography lovers: Photo trail Wallachia

Combine your love for photography with hiking and be guided to interesting places near Velké Karlovice. Not only will you find photogenic places and dominants of the Beskid mountains, you will also get tips and advice on how to best capture the beauty of the landscape during your trip.

  • 12 stops at places interesting from the photographer’s perspective, with tips and advice

The photo tips are guaranteed by professional photographers of the company Nikon, the trail partner.

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A trip with a picnic basket

Relish the beauty of the nature reserve of the Beskids while you are out walking and combine it with a picnic. When the weather is nice again, the Spa Hotel Lanterna, Wellness Hotel Horal and Bistro Razula renew the picnic basket service, which is adjusted, unlike “regular” picnics, to local mountain conditions. For a shorter trip, you may borrow the classic picnic basket, for longer walks we recommend the picnic “backpack”. Included is also a picnic map, indicating places recommended by us.

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Give golf a try

A popular new activity for all those who would like to step on the green for the first time! We will give them a tour of the golf course, lend them all that is necessary and teach them the golf basics. Ideal for a pleasant time as a couple or for the whole family. We have also prepared a sheltered “winter” alternative.

  • Summer alternative: Golf for everyone,
  • Winter alternative: Winter golf for everyone​​​​​​

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Early evenings with music and grilling on the terrace at Horal 

Enjoy a lovely sit-down with good food and drinks on the outdoor terrace at hotel Horal, with life music and grilled specialities in the summer.

Summer events on the terrace at Horal:

  • early evenings on Wednesdays are devoted to life music,
  • grilled specialities every Saturday and Sunday (dulcimer on Sundays)

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Multipurpose sports ground and bowling at Horal

Play tennis and ball games directly at hotel Horal, next to the thermal pools on the multipurpose sports ground with artificial grass layered with sand. Or do you prefer bowling? Sport Bar Horal can boast two bowling lanes.

NEW: Holiday campfire with a guitar

Relish the right summer atmosphere under the open sky full of stars, with the smell of roasted sausages and crackling fire while singing songs you know from your childhood.

  • Summer holiday Tuesdays – from 7:00 p.m. with a guitar and a lantern walk
  • You can also roast sausages over campfire on other days (without the accompanying programme).
  • OUR TIP: You can purchase campfire baskets containing all the things you need for roasting.

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Golf course Horal and Indoor golf

Come to play on a nine-hole golf course in the immediate vicinity of hotel Horal. It can also be used by golfers who do not own the green card. The golf club also arranges training with an instructor for adults and children. There is a golf simulator available.

  • Golf course Horal – 12 holes,
  • Golf simulator Indoor golf – top-class simulator Aboutgolf with unique graphics and perfect virtual simulation of 30 most famous golf courses

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Cross-country skiing in Velké Karlovice

 Velké Karlovice is a paradise for cross-country skiers. The entire area is intersected with cross-country trails maintained by mechanized grooming and properly marked, both in the valley and along the ridge, of various lengths and difficulty levels. It branches off to several valleys and the central trail “from sign to sign” is about 10 km long.



Ski resort Razula

Ski resort with 2 ski slopes in the valley of Léskové. Razula, the main ski slope, is 2 km long and has an elevation difference of 210 m. The Horal ski slope with a moving walkway, snowtubing and the Razulák ski school situated directly at Horal is ideal for families with children.

In case of cancellation of already ordered services, the hotel reserves the right to apply the cancellation policy by crediting the hotel's guest account or recover the amount in another legal form under the following conditions: 100% of the price of unused services (eg masseur services, relaxation procedures, activities) according to current price list if they are canceled less than 24 hours before their use.