Karlovský gastrofestival (EN)

A feast of all gourmets and lovers of Wallachaian cuisine: that is fourth year of Karlovský Gastrofestival. Do not miss it – it takes place during October 5. – 7. 2012. The program is set into the Léskové valley in Velké Karlovice – in selected pubs, restaurants and hotels. As well as last year, the program includes the Gastro Tour with international farmers market. You can also enjoy several accompanying attractions.


Karlovský Gastrofestival

A feast of all gourmets and lovers of good food and drinks – that is Karlovský Gastrofestival.

Year after year grows the attendance of this gastronomical event, which is gaining popularity at public as well as great prestige at the experts of gastronomy. This year is already the fourth in its history.

Attendance of Karlovský Gastrofestival:

  • - 1.st year - 300 visitors
  • - 2.nd year - 3 000 visitors
  • - 3.rd year - 7 000 visitors


Karlovský Gastrofestival is organized by Resort Valachy with support and attendance of other pubs and restaurants in Léskové valley in Velké Karlovice.


The goal of Gastrofestival is to promote and popularize regional producers and traditional Wallachian cuisine, which inseparably includes f.e. kyselice soup, halušky (dish made of potatoe paste, bacon and brynza – sheep cheese), frgál (pie made of several ingredients and fruits) or slivovice (traditional plum brandy). At the same time is always presented gastronomy of some of the European countries. This year visitors can expect specialties from Hungarian cuisine.


The main point of Karlovský Gastrofestival is traditionally the Gastro Tour with international farmers market. As its part, the visitors can walk around many different places and degustate various specialties and regional products. Entrance to the Gastro Tour is free of charge. All dishes and products in restaurants and pubs as well as at the farmers market are paid solely with a unified currency – the Wallachian Gastroš (1 Gastroš = 25 CZK = 1 EUR). Wallachian Gastroš is sold in exchange offices around the valley.    


Moving along the valley, visitors can either use their feet or one of the means of public transportation. Very popular is the tourist train, which provides the passengers a degustration of home-made slivovice. Visitors can also use the advance of transportation by horse-waggon or a historical bus.


Part of the Gastro Tour is also a craft fair with presentation of Wallachian crafts. There will also be a rich program for the kids.


Traditional and very popular part of Karlovský Gastrofestival is also the contest of tastiest Wallachian frgál. Last year it was already its 10th anniversary.